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Gluten Research

To elucidate the functional properties of gluten proteins and proteins from different cereals HDBI conducts various research projects. Recent results are available as pdf files below. The same topics are also part of the actual annual report of the German Research Centre for Food Chemistry.

Optimisation of Micro-Scale Extension Tests of Wheat Dough
Colorimetric Quantitation of Quality-Related Gluten Protein Fractions Using Naphtol Blue Black
Quantitative Composition of Osborne-Fractions of Wheat Flour as Affected by Blocking of Thiol Groups
Factors Affecting the Isolation of Glutenin Macropolymer from Wheat Flour
Protein Composition of Transgenic Winter Wheat after Ectopic Expression of a Barley Sucrose Transporter
Influence of Artificial Drying of Maturating Wheat Grains on the Quantitative Protein Composition

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