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Micro-Scale Baking Test

The classification of the German wheat cultivars according to baking performance is carried out on the basis of the loaf volumes obtained by a baking test called "Rapid-Mix Test" (RMT). By technical reasons 1000 g of flour are necessary for this baking test. For wheat breeding and for the determination of the effect of flour fractions or additives it is necessary to use lower quantitites of flour because only a limited amount of material is available in these cases. Since the baking test is the most important criterion for the evaluation of the properties of flour and flour additives, methods have been developed that can be carried out with low quantities of flour (10 g). The results of these micro-scale methods are highly correlated with those obtained on the standard-scale (1000 g of flour).

Microbread from 10 g of flour
Microbreads from 10 g of wheat flour. Left, control; right, with emulsifier DATEM added

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