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Research on Coeliac Disease

The complex topic "Coeliac Disease" has been studied at HDBI intensively during the last years. In particular studies on gluten quantitation in (gluten-free) foods and methods to produce gluten-free foods have been in the focus of research conducted at HDBI. In addition, future work will concentrate on elucidating the pathomechanism of coeliac disease. Recent results are available as pdf files below. The same topics are also part of the actual annual report of the German Research Centre for Food Chemistry.

Gluten Content of Different Cereals and Cereal Products
Non-Immunochemical Gluten Quantitation in Wheat Starch: Pitfalls and Benefits
Comparison of ELISA-Kits for the Quantitation of Gluten in Cereal-Based Foods
Studies on the Synthesis and Detection of a 33-Mer Peptide from α-Gliadin
Enzymatic Degradation of Gluten in Wheat Bran and Bread Drink
Production of Gluten-Free Beer by Using Malt Extract with High Peptidase Activity

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